Products / Slitting concepts

Knife Holders

  • Shear-cut Knife Holders
  • Crush-cut Knife Holders
  • Razor-cut Knife Holders
  • Hot-cut Knife Holders
  • Embossing and knurling Knife Holders

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Longitudinal slitting applications

  • Multislit concepts
  • Edgetrim concepts
  • Others

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Edge Trim Removal Systems

  • Edge Trim removal Systems
  • Injector principle
  • Chopper
  • Edge Trim Rewinder
  • Dust removal Systems

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Automated solutions

For minimum slit widths of down to 12 mm

  • Innovative positioning system

  • Shear-cut knife holder

  • Crush-cut knife holder

  • Razor-cut knife holer

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Cross cutting concepts

  • Cross cutting concepts with Knife Holders
  • Guillotine Concept
  • Rotation cross cutter

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