Multislit systems

Product description

The slittec slitter systems are based on our proven knife holder technology for scissors, crush, razor blades and burst cuts. All models shown here show examples in which the knife holders move directly to the lower knives in a reproducible cutting geometry via a transverse guide system.

Via a LINK-PIN mechanism, e.g. in pairs, both the knife holder section and the lower knife section are adjusted together to the format width. The once adjusted knife geometry "knife overlap and side distance is retained.

Edge trim systems

Product description

The slittec edge trim systems are based on our proven linear technology knife holders.

The increasing demands on process efficiency and cut quality are offset by excellent technologies with these cutting systems. Various sequence sequences in the process environment of the edge trimming are supported manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically depending on the customer's request.

The cutting unit is either designed as a complete or partial solution, manufactured, function-tested and delivered ready for operation or mounted directly with commissioning.