Shear-cut knife holder

Precision holder with linear guides

The design of the slittec shear-cut knife holder guarantees an exact cutting geometry over the entire lifetime of the knife holder. Due to the unique use of linear guides in the adjustment axes or rigid swivel mechanisms, these systems offer precise and maintenance-free functional reliability at the cutting angle with a controllable setting force.

Crush-cut knife holders

Sensitive swingarm guideing

The pneumatic slittec knife holders are characterized by their very compact and solid design. The massive swing arm is precisely guided by means of a swivel joint and guarantees maximum stability and sensitivity to knife hub and the knife itself. The quick-clamp connection provides quick mounting to all common dovetail profiles.

The fine adjustment of the cutting head allows quick correction and precise setup.

From years of application experience, sophisticated variants have developed, which are always based on customer-specific requirements.

Burst-cut knife holder

Stable Heavy Duty execution

The structural design of this slittec berst-slit knife holder emerges from the application experience of Quetschschnitthalters. Its compact design with the proven oscillating arm guide has been equipped with an adjustable stroke limiter for this cutting method.

The fine adjustment ensures a fast and safe centering of the knife to the support groove. The solid design of the holder body also allows high cutting forces for medium to heavy separation processes of various materials such as: cardboard, leather, leather substitutes, thick films and plastics, etc.

In these variant-rich cutting methods, different embodiments support the respective application-specific separation process. Test patterns are indispensable for the application design.

Razor-cut knife holders

Compact and precise

The slittec razor blade holders are used in the film and film industry as well as for light textile separation processes. These holder principles enable a variety of connection and support functions of commercially available blades of various shapes. Here, the customer-specific application determines our concept solution from a number of manual or pneumatically-mechanically supported holder types.

Please contact us for the implementation of sophisticated MULTI razor blade cuts, which must automatically run with blade tracking in the Konti process.

Hot-cut knife holders

Temperatures of 35-750°C

The heated, pneumatic slittec crushing knife holders are suitable for separating or sealing temperature-sensitive materials.

With the RACCOON, the heated carbide skid can be pneumatically activated separately or in tandem with the crusher. The compact design allows an exact knife head and hot runner guidance with the narrowest cutting width.

Embossing and knurling knife holders

For different materials and layers

The slittec embossing roller holder with articulated rocker was developed for medium-heavy applications in the tissue industry. In this design, the embossing force is introduced via a pneumatically driven lever rocker with one-sided embossing tool. This very compact and rigid construction guarantees lowest manufacturing tolerances by multi-surface machining of the decisive components. Special bearings support the desired parallelism from the mounting rail (guide rail) via the embossing contact surface to the counter roller.

The holder is fixed by a dovetail universal clamp for secure transverse adjustment and fixation. A pressure reducer guarantees an individual contact force of the embossing wheel.