Products & Slitting Systems

Knife Holders

  • Shear-cut knife holders
  • Crush-cut knife holders
  • Razor-cut knife holders
  • Hot-cut knife holders
  • Embossing and knurling knife holders

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Longitudinal slitting systems

  • Multislit systems
  • Edge trim systems
  • Others

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Cross cutting systems

  • Cross cutting systems with knife holders
  • Guillotine system
  • Rotation cross cutter

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Edge Trim Removal Systems

  • Edge Trim removal Systems
  • Injector principle
  • Chopper
  • Edge Trim Rewinder
  • Dust removal Systems

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Retrofitting includes the modernization, conversion and expansion of your existing plant and often presents an economically attractive alternative to a new construction. Benefit from the advantages of the retrofit:

  • Extension of the lifetime of the plant.
  • Increase in output.
  • Improved quality.
  • Higher efficiency and productivity.

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Automatic knife holder positioning:

  • For different types of knife holders such as shear-cut, crush-cut or razor-cut knife holders.
  • Cutting widths from 12 mm!
  • Frame widths from 200 mm to 10.000 mm!
  • Cutting speed up to 3.500 mm!

Customer-specific automation solutions, or further functions and components are available on request!


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Special Purpose Solutions

You have not found the right product or system? Specifically according to your individual requirements, slittec creates special and customized interface solutions for the field of cutting and handling of in web form produced material. This includes among others the following applications:

  • Winders - For unwinding and rewinding of different materials and web widths
  • Winch - For rewinding of edge trims
  • Core chucks - Support during the winding process 
  • Depositing units - Stacking of material sheets in the field of cross cutting / formatting
  • Other special solutions are available on request!

Please get in contact with slittec to discuss your project with us.