Paper, cardboard and packaging

Shear-cut system

Multislit-system using our shear-cut knife holder model NewGeneration-SF:

TT-Cut slitting cassette

Shear-cut system in cassette design using the modified TT-cut and automated knife adjustment:

Multislit system with dust extraction

Shear-cut system with dust extraction and automatic knife adjustment:

  • Products: Shear-cut knife holder, Quick Move S
  • Material: Pulp - up to 900 g/m2
  • Web speed: 800 m/min
  • Machine width: 5.150 mm
  • No. of cuts: 15
  • Automation level: automatic
  • Special features: Intake port for dust extraction on the top knife holder

Modernization of an cutting system

Deployment of a modern knife holder system and preparation of subsequent automation:

Crush cut system

Modification to a crush cut system for efficient processing of photo paper:

Automatic cutting system

Automatic upgrade of a shear cut system:

  • Products: Quick Move S
  • Material: Cardboard - 800 g/m2
  • Web speed: 600 m/min
  • Machine width: 4.420 mm
  • No. of cuts: 13
  • Automation level: automatic

Edge trim with suction

Edge trim system with an edge trim suction based on the injector principle and an adjustment of the units via a recirculating ball screw:

System extension

Equipping of an edge trim system with an edge trim removal system:

  • Products: Edge trim removal systems
  • Material: Coated paper - 70 g/m2
  • Web speed: 2.500 m/min
  • Machine width: -
  • No. of cuts: 2 (edge trim)
  • Automation level: -