Nonwoven and technical textiles

Extension of a shear-cut system

Extension of a shear-cut system with additional center cuts:

  • Products: Shear-cut knife holder, multislit systems
  • Material: PE and PP nonwovens - up to 1.000 g/m2
  • Web speed: 100 m/min
  • Machine width: 2.500 mm
  • No. of cuts: 6 (after extension)
  • Automation level: manual

Automated bottom knife section

Installation of an automated bottom knife section into an existing shear cut system:

  • Products: Quick Move P
  • Material: Nonwoven - 120 g/m2
  • Web speed: 300 m/min
  • Machine width: -
  • No. of cuts: 15
  • Automation level: semi-automatic

Automated shear-cut system

Installation of an automated shear cut system:

Burst slitting in longitudinal and cross cutter system

Devolopment of a longitudinal and cross-cutting system for voluminous material: