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Slittec GmbH is an expert for knife holders and cutting systems for different industries such as the paper, nonwoven or packaging industry.

For us, highest quality standards as well as the fulfillment of individual requirements are our top priority! In this way we are always able to offer the right solution.

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Sustainability Practices

slittec, which specializes in the design and manufacturing of slitting systems for the paper and foil industry, is committed to promoting sustainability in its operations. Although the company does not currently have a formal sustainability program or report, it actively implements several environmentally conscious practices and fosters a culture of sustainability among its workforce. This report highlights the company's existing sustainability initiatives and outlines potential areas for further improvements.


Environmental focus

slittec recognizes the importance of environmental responsibility and integrates sustainability principles into its daily operations. Through periodic safety training sessions, the company educates its employees on work safety and emphasizes environmental awareness. This training serves as a platform to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourages employees to contribute to environmental protection.


Energy conservation and waste management

 The company has a strict policy promoting carpooling amoung its employees, aiming to reduce energy consumption and minimize carbon emissions from commuting. By encouranging employees to share rides, slittec actively contributes to reducing its environmental footprint. Additionally, the company emphasizes waste separation, ensuring proper disposal and recycling of waste materials. This commitment to waste management demonstrates its dedication to minimize environmental impacts.


Gender equality and work-life balance

slittec puts a strong emphasis on gender equality within its workforce. The HR department ensures equal pay for equal job roles, fostering a fair and inclusive work environment. Moreover, slittec recognizes the importance of work-life balance and supports employees with family commitments. That allows employees to reduce their working hours when necessary, enabling them to prioritize their personal and familistic needs. Additionally, when feasible, the company allows employees to work from home, reducing commuting time and facilitating a better work-life balance.


Future plans and considerations

 While slittec does not currently have a formal sustainability report, the company recognizes the importance of documenting its sustainability efforts. In 2024 slittec intends to develop a comprehensive sustainability report. This is to transparently communicate its sustainability practices and progress to stakeholders. This report will provide a more detailed overview of the company's initiatives, goals and potential areas for improvement, further showcasing their commitment to sustainability.



slittec actively incorporates sustainability practices within its operations. From promoting environmental awareness and energy conservation to fostering gender equality and work-life balance, the company demonstrates its commitment to responsible business practices. While slittec is considering the development of a formal sustainability report in 2024, the current efforts highlight its dedication to sustainability and show its willingness to adapt and improve these further in the future.


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