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slittec GmbH

Company Profile

Welcome at the website of slittec gmbh.

Your partner for the development, construction, design and manufacture of cutting installations as well as consulting services for existing technology.

Founded in 2001…

… the slittec gmbh has quickly developed into a competent partner for end users and OEMs in the web-processing industry. First the paper industry was in the focus of Slittec, then also other web-processes were added to the product portfolio.

Meanwhile you can find Slittec products at producers and processors, in the fields of paper and tissue, plastic film, rubber, floor coverings and laminates, textiles, nonwovens, metal foils, etc.

Our products and services…

… are cutting concepts, cutting equipment, knife holder and exhausting technology. This results from the broad application knowledge crucial consultancy services in advance of conversions, modernization and failure analysis of existing technology.

Our research and development…

… focuses on process or customer-oriented cutting concepts. We are using our know-how in joint projects, advancements or improvements.

In particular, the proximity to the customer…

… and his application is the most important aspect for us. Due to the close contact to the customer, we can see the individual needs of the user and can develop a, precisely matched to the problem, compile solution concept.

This can lead to measuring and realignment of an existing cutting station, the successive replacement of existing cutting components or the planning and constructions of a new cutting station with the surrounding components.

At the end there is always the optimization of the cutting process with increased efficiency.